5 million Euros invested so far in vineyards and cellar

Vitis Metamorfosis will complete this year an extensive investment in both vineyards and cellar. 

This year Vitis Metamorfosis completes an investment of 5 million euros in the grape-growing and wine-making project in the Dealu Mare Region. The investment entailed the acquisition of 100 hectares of land, of which 67.5 hectares planted with vines, replanting an area of ​​52.5 hectares, as well as the acquisition, renovation and refurbishment of the cellar from Vadu Sapat. This has started since 2008 and will be completed by the end of the year. The funds allocated to the project are made up of both the shareholders’ contribution as well as European funding.

The plans for the next two years anticipate planting the whole area owned by the company and furnishing the cellar in order to conduct touristic activities specific to wine industry. Meanwhile, Vitis Metamorfosis will also focus on export activity.

“Completing this investment in 2013 will represent a milestone in the history of the company. Hence, in the coming years, we will offer wine lovers everywhere premium wines produced in Romania. We thus intend to contribute to the strengthening of the international image of Romanian wines”, Giancorrado Ulrich, President of Vitis Metamorfosis.