New Cellar, officialy opened!

Vitis Metamorfosis, the premium wine producer located in Dealu Mare region, officially inaugurated its first wine cellar – in Vadu Săpat, Ungureni commune.The investment in the acquisition and complete restauration of the wine cellar adds up to 2.85 million euros.

                The renovation and refurbishment operations of the Metamorfosis Vineyards’ wine cellar entailed investments of 2.5 million euros, the remaining 350.000 euros representing its acquisition costs. The project was financed by the shareholders, as well as European funding.

                The Vadu Săpat wine cellar has a total area of 13.000 square meters, including 5.000 square meters of built-up area. The winery’s processing capacity is of 1.000 tons – about 1.5 million bottles – and its storage capacity amounts to 11.500 hectoliters.

                “2014 was for us the year when we consolidated most as a business ,and opening the wine cellar is the most powerful evidence of the development process that we started last year. We would like to open the cellar for visits and tastings, and introduce several new wines,t o develop the distribution channels and export activities, said Giancorrado Ulrich, President of Vitis Metamorfosis.

                Vitis Metamorfosis Company is a project of Antinori family in Romania, together with the oenologist Fiorenzo Rista. The Metamorfosis wine cellar was inaugurated in the presence of important representatives of Antinori family – a wine producer with a tradition of 600 years and one of the leading players in the Italian and global wine industry. Among the representatives present at the inauguration we mention Albiera Antinori, the Vice President of Marchesi Antinori company and Renzo Cotarella, oenologist and the Administrator of Marchesi Antinori.