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Vitis Metamorfosis came into being in 2008 by the merger of three reference names in the wine industry, Marchesi Antinori, Halewood Romania and Fiorenzo Rista out of the desire to create higher quality locally produced wines in Romania. 


” We strongly believe in the potential of Romanian viticulture. We believe in the future of this country.” – Piero Antinori, President of Marchesi Antinori S.P.A., Italy


The investment up ​​to the present has entailed the acquisition of 100 hectares of land, out of which 67.5 hectares planted with grape vines in the vineyards of Urloi Valley, Fintesti and Naeni in the Dealu Mare region, replanting an area of ​​52,5 hectares as well as the purchase, renovation and refurbishment of the cellar from Vadu Sapat. The plans for the next two years include planting the whole area owned by the company and furnishing the cellar in order to conduct touristic activities specific to wine industry. Meanwhile, Vitis Metamorfosis will also focus on export activity.

Currently, Vitis Metamorfosis has a portfolio of eight wines: Cantus Primus Cabernet Sauvignon, the winery’s flagship product, and the ranges Vitis Metamorfosis and Butterflies & Farfalle. After this year’s harvest, the portfolio will be enriched with new products due to the grape varieties that have bore fruit and also due to the organically produced wine.

As of December, 2013 the shareholders of Vitis Metamorfosis are:

77% Vitiviticola IR SRL – company owned by Marchesi Antinori, Italy
23% the Rista family, 3 persons – the oenologist Fiorenzo Rista and his wife Lucretia Samoilă and his brother Fiorenzo Giancesare Rista;

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