Our Story

by Giancorrado Ulrich, President of Vitis Metamorfosis


“At the recommendation of a family friend, I spent my holiday in Romania in 2001. Having an interest for wine, I grabbed the opportunity and I tasted several locally produced wines. I loved the country, its people, I appreciated the wines and I realized that Romania had a fantastic potential to be one of the major producers of quality wines in the world. Returning to Italy, I shared my impressions with the Marquis Piero Antinori. Actually, I also asked him what he knew about the Romanian grape cultivation. He did not have a lot of information back then. So we decided to do a study on the potential of the industry, and the results motivated us to start investing here. Meanwhile, I met Fiorenzo Rista, the wine maker of the winery, who had been living in Romania for several years, and who knew the potential of the country very well and had done a great job participating in the establishment of the first local premium wines (Prince Mircea, Prince Matei). Meeting him and his expertise convinced us to start the project Vitis Metamorfosis , in which he was brought in.

After visiting with the Marquis and Renzo Cotarella, the Managing Director of Antinori S.P.A. many wine regions in Romania, we stopped at Dealu Mare for the potential of the area, which gives us the opportunity to produce high quality wine in the premium and super-premium categories, similar to the ones that the Antinori family makes in Italy. The Marquis Piero Antinori did not want to make any compromise on the quality of the wines, he did not want to produce in Romania at any costs. He invested here because he found in the Dealu Mare Vineyards similarities to Tuscany, one of the most famous wine regions in Europe and in the world, the place where the Antinori Family has been producing wine for over 600 years: climate, soil quality, remarkable exposure. All these aspects mattered in his choice.

Giancorrado Ulrich, presedintele Vitis MetamorfosisIt wasn’t any effort for me to convince the Marquis Piero Antinori to invest in Romania. We met halfway. The Antinori family has developed similar projects in other wine regions – and as you know, it is present as a producer in Italy, the USA, Chile, Hungary – and Romania seemed and confirmed that it was a good choice for the company’s development strategy. I was excited about the grape-growing potential of the country, in which I have great confidence, and I conveyed my enthusiasm to him.”