Vitis Metamorfosis arose from the work of passionate and, above all, restless people. They are the soul of this company: professionals whose vision can be found in every bottle of wine. Giancorrado Ulrich’s experience, the special expertise of the Antinori Family and Fiorenzo Rista’s craftsmanship epitomize only the basis of Vitis Metamorfosis. Everybody who is part of our team, owners and employees alike, constantly give the energy required for this project to grow. And their strength makes our efforts matter at the end of the day.



Giancorrado Ulrich, the conductor of Vitis MetamorfosisGiancorrado Ulrich

Giancorrado Ulrich is the president of Metamorfosis Vineyards, a company in whose potential he believed from the moment he arrived for the first time in Romania in 2001. Impressed by the quality of local wines, he gained the confidence of the Marquis Antinori and John Halewood, brought in the oenologist Fiorenzo Rista and they all got actively involved in the growth of this company. In the Metamorfosis vineyards, Giancorrado Ulrich focuses on building up a sustainable premium wine brand, able to stand out by the quality of the finished product and the way in which it was obtained.



Fiorenzo Rista

Fiorenzo Rista, the story of a wine artisan

Fiorenzo Rista is the oenologist of Metamorfosis vineyards. He is the one who creates the “recipe” for each wine so that the flavors are the most pleasant and harmonious. With over 25 years of experience gained in Italy and Romania, Fiorenzo decided to invest in its own vineyard in Dealu Mare, convinced that there may arise some of the best Romanian wines.
In the Metamorfosis vineyards, he chose to create wines that reflect local conditions, combined with new flavors and palates in order to revitalize local wines. And all these aspects have exquisitely blended into the bottles labeled Metamorfosis vineyards. The recognition for this hasn’t failed to deliver – recently the Primvs Cantvs wine Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 has received the Gold Medal at Excellence Awards.




Alfred Binder, a promoter of quality wines

Alfred Binder is the business, marketing and sales consultant for Vitis Metamorfosis. His experience is not limited only to business strategy – but at the same time Alfred is one of the most appreciated Romanian wine specialists, certified by the prestigious London institution Wine & Spirits Education Trust. He has gained, up until now, in over 10 years, a vast wine expertise, and during all this time he has worked with some of the most important wine brands in the world. He participates in professional international fairs every year and frequently travels to wine regions in the country and abroad. He has held numerous presentations and tasted wines from all over the world.